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Avast has acquired Piriform, the company behind CCleaner



The Avast company and the CCleaner company have now  common owners yet they have not merged  the operations. The news is that  the Czech’s Avast had acquired the Piriform. Piriform is the creator of the CCleaner and is renown software of windows and mobile optimization.

Piriform has its bases it is related to UK. It has specialized in creating security software and tools that are helpful for desktop PCs, mobile phones, cloud and complex corporate networks etc. The most known work of the company is CCleaner, Defraggler to defragment hard drives, Speccy to analyze hardware and Recuva to restore deleted files.

CCleaner is a file cleaner that runs to save computer from extra storage and it traces the remover that originally is created for Windows. Across the world about 130 million users use the CCleaner and out of the huge family android users contribute to about 15 million users.

After the great acquiring Avast was really happy and welcomed the Piriform family in these words,

“We see many commonalities and synergies between CCleaner’s community and ours that we want to leverage.”

Not only this but it also mentioned,

“The CCleaner brand fits very well to Avast, for various reasons. We both believe in high quality free products. People won’t just use a product because it is free. It’s quite the opposite, if you are providing a free product, you need to convince people that your product is free, but not cheap.

You need to provide a pretty damn good product so people will use it and recommend it to their family and friends. Like Avast, Piriform provides a fully functioning product for free, with some excellent premium features on top, like disk defragmenting, file recovery, and hardware inventory.”

It was announced that both the software companies will work individually to give the best software update to serve te users.

There was no further detail revealed about the financial matters involved in acquiring the giant yet it would have cost them a good amount.



Back in July 2016, Avast paid 1.3 billion dollars to get hold of AVG that at the time was ranked third in the anti-virus product market.

Avast is surely trying to gain the pace in the market and stay strong and all these steps are just to set the base for even greater success.


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