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Committee Established to Investigate Recent Cyberattacks on Govt Websites

Committee Established to Investigate Recent Cyberattacks on Govt Websites


Syed Aminul Haq, the Federal Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunications, directed the formation of a committee to investigate the causes of previous cyberattacks and to avoid future assaults on Wednesday. Following recent hacks on government websites, the decision was made at a high-level meeting.

The cyber-attacks committee, which will be led by Additional Secretary Aisha Chaudhry, has been given two weeks to provide a report. Officials from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), the National Telecommunication and Information Security Board (NTISB), and intelligence agencies will be on the committee.

The minister was briefed on the hack on the National Technology Council (NTC) system during the meeting. The data was not harmed because the system automatically suspended the services. For security reasons, the minister stated that the e-cabinet and e-office systems should be moved to a separate system. The minister praised the NTC, saying that it had stopped multiple cyberattacks in the previous year, demonstrating that the system is safe.

Due to recent technical advancements, the minister raised concern about the rise in cyberattacks and security concerns. As a result, he believes the NTC system should be strengthened. According to the minister, national and private organisations should update their security systems to meet modern criteria as part of the cybersecurity policy.

Secretary IT, Additional Secretary, Chairman PTA, member IT, and member Telecom attended the meeting. The meeting was also attended by the NTC’s Managing Director, the Executive Director of the Information Technology Board (ITB), and officials from intelligence agencies.

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