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Easypaisa Collaborated with Blink to Provide Food Delivery Service


The most popular money transfer app in Pakistan, Easypaisa, has announced that it will now provide meal delivery services through its platform. In partnership with Blink, the meal delivery services have begun.

This new system will offer Easypaisa consumers a distinctive in-app experience while utilising several food mini-apps and, most importantly, a very secure payment method. It won’t just just another method of food delivery.

People can access their favourite apps by connecting through the platform’s tiny apps. Additionally, the app will offer a new window solution that will accommodate different user lifestyle preferences as well as a streamlined onboarding and payment process.

One of the first fast food restaurants to include its small app into the easypaisa mobile app was Burger Lab. Blink essentially serves as a commerce enabler for restaurants, marketplaces, and retail. Thanks to their partnership, Easypaisa and Blink users can now take use of these services and special savings.

By working together, we can greatly improve transactions within Pakistan and offer users high-quality services. Through these micro apps, Easypaisa, which was previously primarily concerned with financial transactions, will now diversify into many different industries and enhance user experience by a significant margin.

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