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Facebook declines Pakistan’s request to link accounts with mobile numbers

Facebook declines


Fake accounts can create several problems mainly concerned with the social abuse or cyber crime. The government of Pakistan has taken a step to end fake accounts of Facebook.

Govt. have suggested that the opening of Facebook account should be done via mobile number. But as per recent news, Facebook has declined the request to Link Accounts to Mobile numbers in order to protect the rights of its users.

The mobile numbers are in Pakistan are issued after biometric verification and thus it would be easy to recognize the account holder.

The fake Facebook accounts are usually involved in cases like stalking, cyber crime and harassment. The fake accounts are also used to blackmail, fool or ditch people and thus leave behind a question to the privacy.

By finishing or reducing the the fake accounts these crimes will decrease to a great level.

The Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan of Pakistan and Joel Kaplan from the Facebook company met to discuss certain issues. Joel is the Vice President of Facebook. Joel told the interior minister that Facebook is determined to remove blasphemous content from Facebook.

PTA received 6000 complaints against blasphemous content thus the Pakistan Telecommunication authority blocked 350 contents and blocked 12, 977 URLs for the same cause.

Interior Secretary, Mr. Arif Khan had quoted in the beginning of the year,

“Facebook has removed 85% of blasphemous material from the site. The company received around 1000 requests for data and information in 2016 from Pakistan where they compiled with 70% of them.”


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