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Pakistan, Facebook Join Hands to Fight Covid-19

Pakistan, Facebook Join Hands

Pakistan and Facebook have teamed up to fight Covid-19 because the world’s leading social media platforms have provided marketing partner assistance and advertising credits for campaigns against the deadly virus, and helped the government increase the rate of public participation in these publications.

In these activities, Facebook and some ministries focused on producing videos and information to increase public confidence in the “vaccine“. The messaging campaign helped the Ministry of Health increase its total number of likes to 470,000, improving the government’s ability to connect with people and provide information to its stakeholders.

Facebook said in a statement that it is important to join as a community to protect everyone. Other news that it will increase people’s confidence in vaccination through reliable health information and support the community’s confidence in vaccines.

As the Covid-19 vaccine is growing Provided to larger groups in many places, Facebook and the Ministry of Health have launched a new profile framework that allows users to share their support for a vaccination with family and friends.

Research shows that when people see other people they know and trust vaccinated, they are encouraged to do the same.

In cooperation with the Digital Media Department of the Ministry of Information, a campaign was launched for the Facebook community in Pakistan to raise awareness of the detection of Covid-related misinformation on Urdu social media.

This is especially effective when encouraging those who are otherwise unsure about getting themselves vaccinated.

The statement contained information from Dr. Faisal Sultan, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Health, who stated that 76% of the target population had been reached through publicity campaigns on Social networks.

Dr. Sultan said: “We have emphasized the importance of using digital tools to convey important health information to citizens and ensure their safety and health, and added that Facebook has been working hard to take strong actions to eliminate harmful misinformation and to have resources Of people established contact with health authorities”.

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