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Female Cab Service WooRide Pakistan Set to Launch on 15th January 2017

Female Cab Service


In professional world women contributions are almost in every field.  In Pakistan female drivers are thought to be inexperienced and are trolled but WooRide has set a mark as the drivers are female and are yet very professional. They are experienced and well-trained. They ride legally registered cars.

WooRide is promoting the security of female travelers. Their service “Female Commuters Female Drivers” provides a full secure and comfort level to all the female.

It is an effort of Woo Ride. They already started their child company called “Pink Ride” that is a ride hailing service specially made for female commuters. They claim to give high standards of privacy.

Guess what? The best thing about the ride is that the drivers are female.

To fortify the good road sense of the licensed drivers a training platform is also set up which is a key attribute of Pink Ride.

Woo Ride’s PinkRide app is proving to be a great success. It is based on art technology. Pink Ride app connects drivers and commuters for more convenient service. The track able booking can also be made via Pink Ride website or by phone.

Another good feature is pre-payment fare information that really helps the passenger to get the better idea of the service cost a lot.

This female cab service try to provide a dedicated service by vigilantly monitoring each booking.

WooRide also getting simple cars registered for their services. They then provide benefits like some money to the owner of the car.

Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad are the three cities in which the WooRide service is going to start from 15th of January 2017. The service will soon be launched in other cities of Pakistan.

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