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Foodpanda Collaborated with PFA for Training Home Chefs

Foodpanda Collaborated with PFA for Training Home Chefs


Foodpanda has worked with the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) to train HomeChefs on enhanced safety measures and government SOPs in order to improve food packaging and hygiene standards during food preparation.

The goal of the training event was to foster and promote a food safety culture in Punjab by educating HomeChefs on basic cleanliness and safe food preparation.

“We are glad to partner with foodpanda and train these outstanding individuals on cleanliness and safe food preparation,” Mustafa Dogar, Additional DG, PFA, stated at the event. Our goal is to spread this culture and encourage everyone to follow these guidelines in order to maintain a healthy atmosphere.”

HomeChefs are individuals who offer meals through online platforms from the comfort of their own homes. Currently, foodpanda has thousands of registered HomeChefs who have been accepted after passing severe routine tests for food hygiene, quality, safety, packaging, and other factors.

The company’s goal is to double the number of registered home chefs in the next two years, bringing the total to 100,000.

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