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God Of War Ragnarök Leaks Early, Spoilers Are Everywhere

A US store is accused of selling copies of God of War Ragnarok weeks ahead of its scheduled release date, in violation of the game’s “street date.” Some players are currently experiencing the adventure without being bound by NDAs and spoiler agreements as a result.

Santa Monica Studio, the game’s developers, have issued a statement requesting everyone to be considerate of fans who don’t want the game to be spoiled and to try and avoid using much of the internet for the next week given how simple it is to find footage at the moment—some YouTube videos have millions of views.

I can clearly see the benefit of having only one installation on the actual disc right now, you know. Producer of Ragnarok Cory Barlog tweeted “SMH” in response to the leak.

Twitter is mainly used for statements like “be careful, God of War spoilers are out,” but YouTube is where early adopters are sharing complete fights and gaming sequences.

At this point, the leaks had outgrown their control, and social media was overrun with spoilers in the form of images, animated GIFs, videos, and other content. While earlier leaks happened in the month, this most recent set is more extensive and speaks specifically to the game’s grand, epic story.


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