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Google announces new policies to combat extremist video content on YouTube

extremist video content


The biggest video streaming website Youtube is making an effort to stop extremist content reaching the users. It has prepared four easy steps to achieve its target.

With the increasing use of social media it has become easier for some platforms to spread extremist content.  Social media platforms demonstrate a large variety and huge number of media content. Unfortunately, these have thus become an easy platform for the people who want to spread propaganda and extremist content to other users.

The increasing extremist content has led to a decision to rake serious action against them. The government now has decided the removal of extremist content from the social networks.

Google based online video platform, YouTube has come up with four steps to combat the problem of extremist video content.

YouTube issued a statement that outlined four steps that could prove useful. In collaboration with different law enforcement agencies, YouTube is soon going to remove the extremist content from the platform.

According to YouTube:

YouTube is not the only solider in the battle with the extremist video content but it is also supported by platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The aim is to make the extremist content disappear and by looking at the efforts being done and steps being taken it is pretty obvious that the extremist content will vanish soon.


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