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Google plans to promote IT and eCommerce Industry in Pakistan

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Ann Lavin who is the Google Director of  Southeast Asia and Finance Minister of Pakistan Ishaq Dar met and at the meeting Ann Lavin suggested some ways in which Google could help to promote eCommerce Pakistan.

The two met in Islamabad on Thursday an Lavin had all the praise for Pakistan for its economic progress in the past years. She said that her company was willing to promote digitization of economy and IT development in Pakistan.

She also assured that Google is really willing to promote e-commerce in Pakistan and wants to make good investments for development.

Defence Minister Ishaq Dar also said on the occasion,

“The Government of Pakistan works on providing a level playing field to all the potential local and foreign investors.”

He also requested Ann Lavin to put forward all the plans and proposals so that they can be reviewed and the work could be started soon.

On the event Ishaq Dar also mentioned that Pakistan has a potential economy.

He said,

” Pakistan has been projected by many foreign institutions as the second best place for investment in the world. With Pakistan’s improved energy and security situation, macroeconomic stability and conducive environment for investment many new investors have also shown a keen interest to invest in IT sector of Pakistan.”

The event was graced by Google Representatives and also the Finance officials from Pakistan.

Google already is working in collaboration with Pakistan. The projects like Nest I/O, Startup Summit 2016 and many more were financed by Google.


Source: Express Tribune

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