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WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Convert Voice Messages Into Text

There have just been a tonne of modifications made to WhatsApp’s status function, but there will be many more in the future. The capacity to transcribe voicemails will be one of those.

When WhatsApp first started working on this feature in September 2021, it was first discovered, however work on it was stopped for unidentified reasons. The most recent beta of WhatsApp for iOS (, however, indicates that the firm has resumed development on it.

The WABetaInfo blog, which tracks WhatsApp features, is where the news is always found.

As the screenshot demonstrates, WhatsApp has begun developing a warning that indicates when transcription for audio messages is not available. It states that when the app doesn’t recognise any words or if the transcripts aren’t set to the language in the sender’s messages, transcripts won’t function.
You can also choose a different language for transcriptions.

The required language packs are always downloaded locally to the device and used to process these voice note transcriptions. They are never shared with Apple or WhatsApp, ensuring that only you have access to the information in your voice notes. It should be noted that this feature could only be accessible on newer iOS versions.

When you receive a voice message and are unable to listen to it right away, such as when listening to music over Bluetooth speakers, such a feature might be useful.This feature has not yet been released, but as it has once again entered beta testing, it should do so eventually.

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