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Ministry of IT is developing Intelligent Mobile Robots in Pakistan

Intelligent Mobile Robots


Artificial Intelligence is gaining immense recognition and importance in Pakistan. The Ministry of IT is determined to develop the AI to deal with different circumstances.
A media report says that the Ministry is planning to organize and develop group of intelligent cooperative firefighting and disaster mitigation mobile robots that would help the country in different conditions and would improve the security level.

The robots will be mobile and designed such that they would easily go and work in hazardous environment to improve the quality of forces and work in  Pakistan.

The robots that are known as Intelligent Mobile Robots (IMRs) will follow the orders by deciding algorithms and following the commands provided. Different intelligence techniques will be installed in the robots.

National Technology fund has already introduced  Design and Development of Intelligent Mobile Robots for Disaster Mitigation and Firefighting. National Technology Fund is a department of Ministry of IT.

According to an estimation the project will cost Rs. 14.673 million and the completion task is assigned  PAF Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology.

It is hoped that the task will be positively completed at the end of April in 2018. This is surely a pleasant initiative that has been taken to improve the quality of development and security in the country.


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