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Jazz Partners with Coursera to bring leadership development within the company



Jazz and Coursera have come into a partnership to introduce high quality leadership development courses for employees digitally.

Coursera is an online education and learning platform that provides courses of all types. Now, Jazz which is the largest telecom brand has reportedly signed an agreement with the Coursera, where Coursera will provide courses for the employees of Jazz.

Jazz aims to bring career opportunities and built powerful, resourceful and strong leaders within the company in all technical fields. Just as the Chief People officer of Jazz said,

“Our people leaders are the key catalysts in making Jazz a world-class organization. Leadership Development is one of our key focus areas, and we believe that our leaders will greatly benefit from this opportunity of learning from the world’s top minds, and will build the required skills to lead people effectively.”

On the other hand Raghav Gupta, who is working as the Director of online education platform was of the view,

“We are excited to partner with the biggest telecom company of Pakistan in this transformational journey. Coursera is well positioned to provide leadership development courses from the world’s top educational institutions. Our programs are designed to help move the organization forward on key skills they need to stay competitive in today’s workplace, and Jazz employees will immensely benefit from this partnership.”

Coursera is the most feasible online education platform as the lectures and the other content can be seen through very own laptop, android devices. This user friendly way has promoted the extra courses and thus it has taken online education platform to the heights of success.


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