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JazzCash App Brings Big offer for Foodies; Save upto 25% at over 500 Restaurants Nationwide

Apart from the countless blessings, one of the things that makes Ramzan the happiest time of the year for Muslims is the pleasure of eating new dishes and delicacies at Iftaar. Iftaar is the time of day that every Muslim looks forward to after a hard day of praying and fasting.

These delicacies not only alleviate hunger, but they’re also a terrific way for the whole family to get together and enjoy tasty meals at the same time. While many individuals break their fast at home, there is a rising trend of enjoying an Iftaar buffet at one of your favourite eateries.

Pakistan’s mobile operator, Jazz, has come up with a deal that is as good as it gets at this time of year. You can double the excitement at your Iftaar this Ramzan by getting a 25% discount at your favourite restaurants.

Simply go to one of your favourite restaurants, order your Iftaar meal, and pay with the JazzCash QR code. With the JazzCash app, you can pay by scanning a QR code. This limited-time deal is valid in more than 500 restaurants across Pakistan on all orders over PKR 500 or PKR 1,000.

Click here to see if this promotion is valid at your favourite restaurant.

So, this month, go to your favourite places and create your Iftaar mazedaar with JazzCash QR!

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