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Lahore Traffic Police starts Free Vehicle Repair Service for Public

Lahore Traffic Police


Getting late and your car breaks down mid-way? I know the feeling of frustration yet helplessness can lead to a really bad mood. Often HAPPENS with many people. Lahoris don’t need to worry because City Traffic Police has devised a way to deal with such concerns.

City Traffic Police has introduced Mobile Workshop and the best part is its free of cost.

The service aims to help the people whose cars break down midway. They will also help the motorists if the motorcycle stops due to technical fault.

But the service is not available 24/7. It is only available from 11:00 am to 08:00 pm. People of Lahore can avail the service by calling the helpline 1915.

The Traffic Deputy Inspector General Syed Ahmad Mobin said,

“The mobile workshop would be stationed near Siddique Trade Center, and they also plan to expand its operations in other parts of the city.”

The van has all the features to provide quality service to the cars that stop working in roads. The van is equipped to maintain all sorts of public transport medium. The van has an air tank, a welding plant, a battery charger and a steel cutter.

Mechanic and electrician will try its best to resolve the issue but if they fail to do so than they will transfer the vehicle to nearby repair shop.

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