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Pakistani Healthcare Startup Marham raises investment from local investor

Pakistani healthcare startup


Marham managed to bag an investment of about  1.5 million dollars. Marham is a Pakistani healthcare startup.

A businessman from Peshawer, Mohammed Khan was impressed by motive, mission and vision of the platform, once revamped version of their website was launched.

Marham is a digital platform that allows the patients to ask questions, book appointments and read about health care.

Founder and CEO of Marham, Ehaan Imam talked about investment and a lot more about aims and objectives but he did not unveil the real amount of investment, but he surely mentioned that the money is sufficient to sustain 15 months.

He mentioned,

“We didn’t see it (investment) coming. Mohammad Khan (the investor) read about us on the internet and approached for a meeting. One thing led to another and we signed up the investment deal at the end of a few meetings.”

It is not that Marham has only updated its website but it also plans to add an effective dashboard feature so that it is easy to manage hospitals and appointments. According to the news? the team is planning digitalize Akram Medical Complex and  is also in talks with 10 more hospitals and clinics for the same offerings.

Ehsan said,

“Marham has now got in a good shape. Automation of appointments will be a relief for doctors and patients. We are using notification service to keep the doctors and patients informed about their commitments. It will save a lot of time at both ends.”

He also said,  “Every 1 minute, 2 to 3 patients visit Marham. We have booked more than 4500 appointments in the last two months. ”

After a year Marham plans to expand the platform and make sure that many people in Pakistan know about this platform.

Pakistan does not have many online health platforms and the ones that are present are not used by people more often. Marham wants to change this perspective of people.

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