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Microsoft and Google End Six-Year Truce on Legal Battles

Microsoft and Google End Six-Year Truce

According to reports, Microsoft and Google ended a six-year truce in legal proceedings to avoid an open war between the two technology giants.

The two companies reached an unusual agreement in 2015 to end the ongoing legal battle, the lawsuit was when Sundar Pichai became the CEO of Google and Satya Nadella became the chief of Microsoft It was reached shortly after the executive officer.

The end of the six-year truce will “pave the way for direct conflict, as regulators target barriers to competition between major US technology groups.”

The report quoted a source as saying that in mid-April, the two parties decided not to renew the contract. It seems that Microsoft and Google have taken off their gloves again.

Earlier this year, Google criticized Microsoft for trying to “break the way the open network operates.” Microsoft publicly supported an Australian law requiring Google to pay for news publishers’ content.

Microsoft also criticized Google for its control of the advertising market. The report said: “The world is trying to challenge the major technology companies that may have been entrenched and prevent more open competition.”

In its dirtiest trick, Microsoft allegedly launched a series of attacking advertisements called “Scroogled”, accusing it of Google’s privacy policy. The agreement between Microsoft and Google was supposed to improve cooperation between the two companies, but it turned out not to be the case.

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