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IBBC integrates Technology for Equivalency Process

Technology for Equivalency

In order to facilitate the public attestation and equivalence process, the International Committee Chairmen’s Committee (COPIB) decided to integrate technology into the provision of services and launched a mobile application through which students can apply online.

With the integration of the online system and the launch of the application, students will also be able to submit fees through different channels. The new steps were decided at a high-level meeting of IBCC officials, which was chaired by Secretary Dr. Ghulam Ali Mallah, Secretary IBCC.

The IBCC secretary mentioned at the meeting that due to the end of public negotiations and blockade, people encountered problems in the process of submitting fees and documents.

Therefore, in order to facilitate this process, the department will launch a mobile application after a well-defined mechanism, Ghulam Ali said, adding that the department is working closely with NITB to digitize all educational committee data and implement it in schools Electronic office system.

“For the pilot project, the initial data from the five secondary and secondary education committees (BISE) will be digitized and is currently in the final stage.”

It was also reported during the meeting that after the launch of new IT-supported complaint repair and public disclosure services, COPIB The office received more than 20,000 calls, of which more than 14,000 were received through UAN.

“On the IBCC official website where the IBCC designated personnel are located, more than 2,500 people have also been contacted through IBCC real-time communication”, said in the meeting when discussing the progress report of IT empowerment services.

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