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Oxford University To Start Offering Free Online Courses In 2017

Online Courses


Online courses are trending nowadays. What if Oxford offers online courses? A dream come to true. So people we are revealing to you that now one of the highest ranked universities in the world is finally going to start the online courses from next year.

Anyone of you can go ahead to join online classes by Oxford as the university is planning to join number of academic institutions who are looking forward to get more numbers of students. In this way students will be attracted towards such institutions to get maximum benefit.

It is not the first university to offer online courses. The other leading universities like Harvard and MIT have already started this offer and they are expanding it greatly.

EdX and Oxford will partner up and next year in February they will start their online course. The first freely available class that Oxford will be offering is titled “From Poverty to Prosperity: Understanding Economic Development”. This course will be headed by Sir Paul Collier of Blavatnik School of Government.

Oxford’s official said, “This course will examine the vital role that governments play in boosting economic development.” Enrollment for the MOOC is open for everyone. Once the course starts it will take a total of six weeks to complete. Every week a student needs to spend 2 to 3 hours during which the student can do MCQs, questions and also interact with teachers and other mates of same group. All resources can be accessed online, but as soon the course ends the interaction with teachers or group fellows will no more in reach but surely all resources will be available for you.

You must not miss the chance. It holds great worth in any Job Interview. For your bright future you must go ahead. The timings are easy, its efficient and most importantly it has great importance. Go ahead and enroll Here!

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