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Two Pakistani organizations selected for Upwork’s Social Impact Program

Upwork Social Impact Program


Two Pakistani organizations selected for Upwork’s Social Impact Program


The global freelancing platform, Upwork is up for working with individuals hired as freelancers. The platform has worked for years to bring freelancing activities to life and help many individuals. The platform has now selected two organizations from Pakistan who have been working with the undeserved communities to provide them  a stable and well planned life.

The two organizations hired from Pakistan are selected for the Social Impact Program by Upwork. The program is titled as Women’s Digital League and Empower Pakistan.

The program aims to provide a quality life to undeserved communities. It aims to work with clients and freelancers and provide development and support. The two organizations selected are Women’s Digital League and Empower Pakistan.

Women’s Digital League:

The League is lead by women who aim to provide women of Pakistan a platform to earn by sitting at home.  This way they can earn their living by sitting at their places. The platform provides jobs in the fields of Accounting, Administrative assistance, SEO, Social media marketing, Software testing and writing (content, creative, and technical).

Empower Pakistan:

The platform is promoting freelancing in Pakistan. It is attracting young talent to join in and earn for themselves and families. It provides opportunity in areas like  Graphic designing, Web designing, WordPress, Brochure design and Content writing.

Many freelancers are working in Pakistan. The youth has contributed to make Pakistan the top most country having many freelancers working in several different areas.

Back in 2015, Elance and oDesk joined hands to form one big platform called Upwork. The organization has its base in San Francisco, California. About 12 million registered freelancers and hold about five million clients. Upwork has become the top and leading freelancer platform because of having 3 million freelancing jobs each year.

The recent step will prove beneficial for the organizations and Pakistan. This will increase the number of freelancers and decrease unemployment. This will ensure a better lifestyle and help making Pakistan a developed country.


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