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Pakistani Startup Markhor Now Sells Handcrafted Leather Cases for Apple

Handcrafted Leather Cases


Markhor is shifting back to Kickstarter roots. The announcement was made just today. Markhor has been recognized as one of the startups that could bring the required change of art in the country. Markhor is basically an artisanal-shoe startup.

The startup is led by the couple Waqas Ali and Sidra Qasim. It is now planning to move to the accessories of Apple Macbook. It is planning to introduce hand crafted sleeves and pads. The campaign has a modest goal of US$5,000, with early bird prices of its leather Macbook sleeves set at US$65.

The startup was established when the couple met local craftsman and were impressed by the designs. Those designs could easily fit into western society. They decided to get them to a larger and recognized platform..

They were into the Kickstarter campaigns. They also have been the part of  Y Combinator, and moved its HQ to California.

Answering to a question about the major change of aim, Waqas said,

“We closely looked at the lifestyle of our existing customers – men, under the age of 35, who appreciate quality and modern design. We learned one brand they loved most was Apple, so we set out to make something that will enhance their experience with Apple products”.

Moreover he added to his statement,

“The overall vision for Markhor has always been to build an “experience brand,” and that there will be more products in the coming months.”

According to Waqas,

“Craftsmanship is our bread and butter. It’s our way of doing things. Our belief in it gets stronger each day as we continue to meet new craftsmen and work with them.”

YC graduate Markhor raised over 30% of its Kickstarter funding in just one day and now their handcrafted leather cases for Macbook and other Apple products are gonna revolutionized the concept of sleeves and pads.

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