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PTA Asks Federal Govt to Start Working on 5G Immediately


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has advised the federal government to get started on 5G right now.

PTA has recommended that work on 5G technology get underway in a letter to the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication. The letter requested that the federal government enact the 5G regulations and provide the go-ahead to all departments to begin their work.

MoITT and PTA want the 5G homework to be finished; at least three are needed for the employment of an international consultant. PTA will need to involve Pakistani embassies and overseas offices in order to advertise in foreign publications for the appointment of an international consultant. After the consultant is hired, the report preparation process takes more than six months.

The International will provide the PTA with a comprehensive report following consultation with all parties and operators. After examination, the federal government may ask the consultant to resurrect the study.

This homework is required if the government launches 5G, according to PTA sources. The timely deployment of 5G will be possible if the exercise, which will last six to nine months, is successful. Additionally, the work will provide a sense of what the sector and other stakeholders want. After receiving feedback from all interested parties, the MoITT released proposed 5G guidelines, on which a report was then submitted to the federal government.

Pakistan is already falling behind other nations in the area in the rollout of 5G, according to MoITT. Bangladesh and India have already started using 5G.

By June of 2019 the government hopes to have 5G operational. It is required to determine the spectrum bands and the cost of the spectrum, and development should begin. All of the groups will begin working on their individual components the day the federal government accepts the rules.

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