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QMobile Launches QLED Lights Range In Pakistan

QLED Lights


QMobile Launches QLED Lights Range In Pakistan


Qmobile is Pakistan’s largest smart phone selling brand. It is so famous for its smart phones that you an merely think of anything else manufactured by the company. The brand has introduced its QLED in Pakistan.

A commercial, featuring Fawad Khan was aired on television branding the QLED. Fawad Khan has been the face of QMobile since a long time now. Seeing him branding LED lights and talking about their durability and reliability.

One year warranty is common for all the lights we are using nowadays but the QLED lights come with two year warranty and they have a very reasonable price. Company is famous for doing such things as their mobiles are cheap and have the features of very expensive smartphones.

Q is in search of retailers around the country to launch the lights and make them available for everyone around Pakistan.

QMobile is looking forward to a good profit. If we talk about the phone market, the competition has grown tough with time and the profit has become less that is the reason we have seen Q making LEDs and marketing them. It is taking the initiative to achieve high margin of profit and demand.

The best part of the light is that it consumes comparatively less energy. It might be a small step towards resolving the energy crises but is one important step in the context.

As per an insider QMobile is soon going to step in TV industry.

Before this when the QMobiles were introduced many mobile phone retailers were forced to decrease the price and we can forsee the same situation for LED lights and Televisions.

The time will decide that are th lights famous or was it a wrong decision.

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