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Samsung Wins the Patent Battle Against Apple at US Supreme Court


The decision has finally come. It turned out to be in favor of Samsung. The case started when Samsung was blamed for copying Apple’s design. Samsung wins the patent battle.

The case was heard in US lower court and the decision was against Samsung. They had to pay total plenty of $399 million to Apple for copying its iPhone design. It was said that Apple’s design of rectangular front face with rounded edges and a grid of colorful icons on a black screen.

The verdict of lower court was challenged in the Supreme Court of USA. The court made its decision in favor of Samsung now it does not need to pay penalty.

There is law that if a company earns profit using design of some other company the whole profit will be given to the party who originally owns the design
The thing here to be noted is that though Supreme Court has made a decision but it has sent case back to lower court for further hearings.

Apple commented on this,

“We will continue to protect the years of hard work that has made iPhone the world’s most innovative and beloved product. We remain optimistic that the lower courts will again send a powerful signal that stealing isn’t right.”

Samsung said,

“Victory for Samsung and for all those who promote creativity, innovation and fair competition in the marketplace.”

Let’s see how far this war of words and technology goes. Hope the matters are resolved soon as both the companies always try to bring something unique for the customers.

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