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How to Select Right Smartphone Before Buying?



Got some money and you want to spend it on a good Smartphone? Everyone will want to buy the best model of Mobile Phone that looks sleek, gorgeous, and elegant and is best for you to use. In short it should define the word “SMART”.

Choosing something best is very difficult. You like a feature but there is something that the phone lacks so you decide not to buy it. It takes lots of time but here we are helping you out to discover the Smartphone you would love to use.

Figure out what your needs are;

The first question is why do you need a mobile phone?

All these cases are different and there are different smartphones with different specs to fulfill the needs of all.

Choose an operating system:

The most people choices are Android smartphones, Blackberry, Windows Phone and iOS. You need to choose which one you have to buy all of them are providing their best features. You need to choose wisely from the four.

To make it easier we are writing down some description of the four.


The android was developed by Google that is why all apps in the phones can be downloaded by Google App Store that is installed on almost all the smart phones in advance. Usually Samsung or HTC modify its design but it is one of the most used operating system around the globe.


You don’t want a touch screen? Or you just love key-boards than the right choice for you will be buying a BlackBerry. It looks good when you hold it. It is BBM model but it lacks to provide some features that other Smart Phones offer.

Windows Phone:

This is based almost on the Zune MP3 player interface. This is one of its kinds. With new features and smart style this may be a good choice.


Apple is the only company that introduced this system in their iPhone. This is sleek and is a total beauty. Anyone would love you use it because if its features and the way it looks.

Do you need a 4G PHONE?

Mobile broad bands are introducing new features usually from 2G to 3G and finally to the recent 4G. The companies need to than update their phones accordingly. The question here is do you need the 4G phone? Yes of the area you live supports the connection and you need it for use. No! If the 4G signals are yet not near your house or work place.

Which Size of Phone is Right for you?

Size matters. Smartphone come in a wide range of size. The large phones were and are in but some people would not find it too comfortable to use it in public. No doubt they are good foe videos and online usage but it all about your comfort.

Too small mobile phones are now out of fashion but if you love them bring them back into fashion. The perfect size is 4-5 inch that would fit in your pocket and clutches. It is easy to carry and use.

Look we saved you from standing at retailers shop in a very awkward situation and deciding the phone of your choice. Now all you need to do is go, order and pay. You can then enjoy the phone.


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