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Google Introduces Offline Search on Android for poor Internet connection

Offline Search


Now you can search offline by using Google’s Android App. If you have a bad internet connection and can’t get results. Leave it to google.The queries will be loaded once you become online.

According to the news the Google blog.

The Google blog reads,

“Whether you’re a commuter reading the news with a spotty network, a farmer looking up crop prices with no service in the fields, or just driving through a tunnel, all is not lost when your search is interrupted by a bad connection.

Now on the Google app for Android, even if your search fails, Google will deliver your results as soon as a connection is available—so you can keep searching with a single tap.”

Sometimes, the internet is not completed shut down but it is unable to display the results. According to this step taken many problems can be solved. In such case the inquiry data is retrieved.

It is really easy to meet people and now save work for offline and online users.

The best part is that it does not need  any extra charges or no extra battery is required.

You can avail this offer by updating old version of google. It works best on androids.


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