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Social media giant Facebook crosses 2 billion monthly active users

Social media giant


Social media giant Facebook crosses 2 billion monthly active users


Facebook is the largest social networking site with 2 billion users. The platform recently declared that the site managed to cross the 2 billion active user line. Only Facebook has this immense number of users.

The Social media giant claimed that in the previous year  250 million new accounts were made.

In all those previous years US remained on the top of charts of the active users on Facebook. This year the country is overtaken by India. India has 241 million users.



The both countries are in great competition. Though India topped US by the ratio increase of 27% of India and 12% of US.

The increase in the number can be partly  credited to the Facebook Lite app. More people now use Facebook and thus the number of Facebook users have increased to a large number.

Facebook users in Pakistan

Pakistan stands at the number where it has crossed 25 million mark. Facebook users in Pakistan are about 15-20 million users who are men and 2-10 million female users. If talked about a city, Lahore contributes 5.2 million users. That is the highest number of active users.

Pakistan has approximately 194 million people. 140 million people are actively subscribed to mobile phones.

A report by Hootsuite states,

“Pakistan now has 35.1 million internet users out of which active social media users stand at 31 million. The use of mobile devices is up by 13% while the use of desktop and laptop computers is down by 27%.”


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