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Whatsapp Officially Launches Its New Discussion Group Feature, Communities



After months in beta, WhatsApp Communities are now going out to all users. Communities allow you to combine all of your groups into one location, making it easier to organise discussion groups for various needs or subjects. Earlier this year, this functionality started its testing phase.

Communities work to improve communication and organisation among organisations, clubs, schools, and other private groups. For instance, you will now be able to gather all of your work-related groups in one location and switch between them without any trouble.

Communities and Facebook Groups are comparable in that both allow for the creation of sub-groups, file sharing, additional admin rights, and other features. Conversely, WhatsApp Communities will probably be utilised by people who already know one another in person as WhatsApp is more phone number based. Facebook Groups, on the other hand, are more frequently made up of disconnected strangers with a shared interest.

Phone numbers, on the other hand, won’t be available to the general Community; instead, only admins and other members of the same sub-group will be able to see them.

Facebook Groups are searchable on the site, however WhatsApp Communities will remain hidden, which is another distinction between the two. Invitations are the sole way to join them. Additionally, administrators will be able to move their current groups into Communities.In the coming weeks, WhatsApp Communities will begin to roll out to Android and iOS smartphones everywhere.

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