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Xeven Solutions Provides Accessible Care in Cholistan

 Xeven Solutions Provides Accessible Care in Cholistan


Every person has the right to receive high-quality healthcare. However, 70 percent of Pakistan’s rural population faces issues such as a lack of access to primary healthcare. To close this gap, Xeven Solutions organised a free health camp in a remote community in Bahawalpur, where residents live in poverty and lack access to basic medical care.

Through telemedicine, the “Xeven Gives Back” initiative aimed to offer a communication link for village people with qualified and licenced healthcare specialists.

The team, led by M. Irfan Malik, Founder and CEO of Xeven Solutions, arrived well-prepared with not just their telemedicine solution, but also care packages for the community’s families. “We were astounded to witness people on the point of death from preventable ailments, all owing to inaccessibility and unaffordability,” Malik remarked.

“With just our initial screening utilising telemedicine and integrated point of care devices, we were able to discover common medical conditions in the population such as diabetes, hypertension, and hormone imbalances in females.”

The team’s global clinicians from the UK, US, and UAE delivered real-time video consultations with local healthcare providers and lady health visitors using INNOVA, Xeven’s integrated telemedicine technology. They gathered information from over a hundred patients and directed them to appropriate treatments and referrals.

This is yet another step forward in Xeven’s commitment to providing equitable healthcare. Malik is proud and optimistic that outreach activities like this would help Pakistan move closer to a healthier and safer future.

“With our substantial 15+ years experience and knowledge in the health tech field, we have embarked on a path to reach out to the poor sections of society and assist them,” says Malik.

Xeven Solutions has always been committed to improving community welfare and enriching people’s lives. With over 100 workers and two global offices, Xeven Solutions is one of the fastest growing software solution firms. They’ve created cutting-edge digital solutions for a variety of industries, including education, real estate, and banking, but their expertise lies in healthcare and marketing. With a staff of skilled developers, SMEs, and strategists, they continue to address changing company needs.

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