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Confiz Wins 2017 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for Pakistan

Microsoft Partner


2017 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award for Pakistan is won by Confiz. Confiz excitedly announced the achievement. In the category it had tough competitors ad it was regarded best among a global field of top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in solving issues in technology and Microsoft.

According to Hashim Zulfiqar Ali, who serves as COO, Confizs,

“It feels great to be honored and recognized as the Pakistan Partner of the Year 2017 by Microsoft. We see great potential for innovation in the retail industry in Pakistan, and are more committed than ever to help propel the industry into future.”

Customers are what make your business flourish. A good customer care means a good business and thus Confiz’s COO said,

“The future is all about more intelligence in all facets of business and offering innovative experience to consumers. We find Microsoft’s focus on intelligent cloud as a strong enabler for Confiz to help leaders in the retail industry to transform and win in the digital era.”

From 115 countries about 2, 800 participants applied for the awards in different categories. Microsoft Partner Confiz provided outstanding solutions and services, as well as representing excellent subsidiary engagement in Cloud ERP adoption.

The award is given to the enabler that performs splendid in giving internet or Microsoft solutions and thus Confiz was recognized and honored.

On the occasion Ron Huddleston, corporate vice president, One Commercial Partner, Microsoft Corp said,

“We are honored to recognize Confiz of Pakistan as a Microsoft Country Partner of the Year. Confiz is a prime example of the expertise and innovation we see in our Microsoft partner community to deliver transformative solutions.”

The award is for the Microsoft partner who has done extra-ordinary work in providing internet based solutions.

Microsoft Partner Confiz is based in Lahore, Pakistan but its branches extend to other countries and is equally well recognized in all the countries it has been launched.


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