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Google is changing its homepage first time after 1996

Google homepage


Since 1996 we have been viewing the same Google search webpage. Now, I guess, it is time for it to change and get modified. According to the announcement the google is now going to end the same old traditional webpage and add the news feed option.

It is the first time since 1996 that Google has decided to change the webpage.

The new webpage design also features the personalized information available on Google’s mobile App and home screen page on Google’s Nexus and Pixel smartphones will be a part of new web experience.

Google’s Vice President of Engineering had something to say about this change and he said,

“You’ll see cards with things like sports highlights, top news, engaging videos, new music, stories to read and more. And now, your feed will not only be based on your interactions with Google, but also factor in what’s trending in your area and around the world.”

The features added to Google include the new search way and the users will be able to find out the search results from the previous trending searches. This feature will be available globally after sometime as the change such large takes time but the authorities have claimed that the change will take place in US in just few weeks.

There is no much detail about the outlook and more features of the Google as it has to be yet revealed all other news about Google Assistant can be called rumours.

“Google Now” on Chromebooks already has such features but let us wait and see how actually the new search engine looks like.

Get ready for the Google homepage.

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