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Murad Raas Announces Two New Apps to Facilitate Teachers and Parents in Punjab

New Apps to Facilitate

The Minister of Education of Punjab Province, Murad Raas, launched two separate mobile apps for teachers and school parents in the province.

When introducing new developments to reporters, he said that these apps will provide many safety features to help teachers and parents solve problems. Your inquiries and questions through your laptop or mobile phone.

“The new measures planned by the government will be the first time any government has provided convenience to teachers”, he said, adding that teachers will now be able to use services such as requesting leave and receiving retirement notices at the end of the year, among other characteristics.

Regarding the provision of separate mobile apps for parents, the provincial minister explained that they can now decide on the right school for their children. In different homes, parents can get help from nearby schools through the app for the quick convenience and guidance of school teachers and parents.


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