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Beware of Some Online Stores Selling Fake Mobile Phones in Pakistan

Fake Mobile Phones


Some Online Stores Selling Fake Mobile Phones in Pakistan


Buying online stuff has become a trend and this is adding to the easy lifestyle of people. In a very short interval of time many e-commerce sites have sprung up and have become famous. The people can now buy almost everything online by sitting at home via single click. This has lead to a huge online market. From pets to grocery, everything is available on these online stores.

Along with the ease there is just one thing to consider and that is the reliability of the product. The reputable are, Yayvo, and etc that are Amazon structured Market places are very reliable and have maintained to ell authentic products. Unfortunately, some other sites have lost all the credibility due to unauthentic selling.

In case of mobile phones, grey channel phones were started importing into Pakistan.

Currently, Pakistan has two types of mobile phone selling online sites. These are:

Here is a detail of some online stores selling the non-type approved mobile phones and replicas in Pakistan.

The online store operates from Karachi and sells both the non-type approved and the replica phones to the customers of Pakistan.

This grey channel sells mobile phones without official guarantee.

Here we must mention that there is a difference between and as provides both phones with and without guarantee and give the choice to customers to choose.

The other names include:

1) Zimruh Online Shopping Store,
2) Clearance Sale.

The list is long but we have just tried to cover some names here in order to keep the customers aware so that they may not become victim of Fake Mobile Phones fraud.

Before you buy anything online, please keep in mind:

Online shopping is of great help. It saves time and energy and the above article is just to let you know that there are frauds and manipulation in this and you need to be aware of them to stay on the safer side.


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