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Technology Arrived that Lets us Speak to our Dead Relatives


Isn’t it exciting that we can now communicate with our deceased loved ones? Indeed, why not? Using new technology, you can communicate with loved ones who have passed on. You can now have voice assistants for your deceased loved ones within your devices. The California-based business HereAfter AI developed the app. The company wants to make it possible for the living and the dead to communicate.

However, science fiction has long featured technology like this, which allows for communication with the dead. For decades, both medical professionals and spiritualists have wished for something similar. But now, because to the development of AI and speech technology, it is becoming a reality and one that is getting easier to reach.

Our loved ones are still alive, but virtual representations of them have been made in order to help us better understand technology. Unquestionably, a person who developed a virtual version of his mother, which he turned on after her funeral and spoke to, may perhaps find this technology weird or disturbing. Some claim that conversing with digital representations of deceased loved ones could prolong your mourning or cause you to lose your sense of reality. People genuinely believe that it is harmful to play about with death.

The worries are valid. It can be strange to communicate with a virtual replica of a loved one who has passed away.However, those who have lost loved ones may comprehend technology with ease. Why not, if it makes you comfortable?

Users of the app can communicate and engage with people in the past or present. The technology sounds like it was taken straight out of a Black Magic episode. The story was initially reported by the tech news website The Protocol. The app will enable you to communicate with deceased family members as well as friends, famous people, and historical figures who have passed away.

When using movies, letters, or voice recordings, the app may recognise anyone’s voice and personal information. Later, the bot can be controlled and engaged with using smartphones or other smart devices. Instead of letting you start a brand-new chat with the bot every time, HereAfter AI keeps note of a person’s life story.

One of the biggest issues with the majority of grief technology now is that it is too generic. Although they may seem like someone you care about, they are completely unfamiliar with you. Whoever speaks to them will receive the same response from them. The same question always yields the same response.

Unfortunately, as Senior Vice President of Alexa Rohit Prasad noted, “While AI cannot alleviate the grief of loss. However, it can undoubtedly prolong the recollections.

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