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Top 7 Successful Startups in Pakistan 2022

Top 7 Successful Startups in Pakistan 2022


In the past, Pakistani startup culture had a shady reputation. People were only familiar with a few successful companies. However, in recent years, the top Pakistani businesses have been introduced. Additionally, the popularity of these businesses grew as they adopted modern technology and increased their use of the internet for marketing.

The top 12 most successful and successful startups in Pakistan in 2022 will be listed and described. If you’re seeking for the best and most successful startups in Pakistan in 2022, stay on this page.

Some Pakistani startups are fast expanding. It is therefore hard to ignore them. They give their consumers the best service possible and use innovative technology for safety and security.

People sometimes wonder and look for which Pakistani startup is on the top list of those with the fastest growth rates. However, there is no need to be concerned because some of the best and most successful startups in 2022 are presently operating in Pakistan, with a faster growth rate, as detailed below.


In 2022, Tajir will be Pakistan’s best and most successful startup. It was created by Babar Khan and Ismail Khan. It was then launched in Lahore in 2018. It now ranks among the finest startups in Pakistan.

B2B, marketplace, retail, and e-commerce facilities are all available at Tajir. It is now widely regarded as the top B2B (business to business) mobile application, offering a wide range of services including e-commerce, retail, and marketplace. Tajir has 22 investors and has raised funds in four rounds. It received $18,950,000 in total funding. This startup employs approximately 11 to 50 people.


Dawaai is a famous digital health information platform in Pakistan. It contains a variety of health-related information. It also has an online pharmacy and generic drugs network.

Dawaai was founded in 2013 by Furqan Kidwai, who is the founder of this firm. It can be found in Karachi. It connects a variety of industrial services, including e-commerce, mobile health, the internet, health care, and pharmaceuticals.

This startup currently employs between 101 and 250 people. This firm has received investment from eight investors and has completed six funding rounds to date. The total amount of investment is $9,500,000. Customers can order products for daily well-being, herbal and homoeopathic remedies, sexual wellness, and medical equipment. It has also offered blogs about the products that include uses, side effects, warnings, and other product information.


To provide outstanding services, airlift technologies best platform and revolutionary processes. It provides customers with 30-minute delivery of critical household supplies.

Meher Farrukh, Muhammad Owais, Usman Gul, Awaab Khakwany, Zohaib Ali, and Ahmed Ayub formed the Airlift startup in Lahore in March 2019. Its services are currently available in eight cities across Pakistan. It has a total funding amount of $109.2 million.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, airlift services were also available. They provide services to consumers with the help of sophisticated buses. However, the pandemic was fatal to the company. They began again in September 2020, focused on delivery products. The airlift, though, marked a new high for Pakistani companies. In August 2021, it raised $85 million in a series B financing. As a result, airlift surveillance will be required in 2022.

Grocer App

The Grocer App is one of Pakistan’s best startups. It offers online food stores at the most competitive pricing. Customers can order a variety of grocery items from the company. The products are delivered right to the customer’s front door.

Ahmed Saeed, Hassan Sadiq, and Rai Bilal founded Grocer App. It all began in Lahore in 2016. Consumer goods, food marketplaces, shopping, e-commerce, and online portal services are among the industrial services available. Currently, 11 to 50 employees work in Grocer App. This App has received investments from fifteen investors, with three funding rounds completed to date. It has received over $6,200,000 in total investment.


Ahmed Khan launched another of Pakistan’s best and most successful firms, Cheetay. It started in Lahore in 2015.

Cheetay is a Pakistani firm that focuses on meal delivery, logistics, and e-commerce. It is now regarded Pakistan’s fastest-growing e-commerce platform. Cheetay now employs between 501 and 1000 people. Even though it only has one investor, it has completed five investment rounds. Cheetay received over $11,600,000 in investment.

Cheetay, as previously said, offers a variety of market services. Some of them are discussed farther down. It delivers necessities such as groceries or other everyday necessities to the customer’s door. Customers can also have their cuisine delivered right to their doorstep. Medications can be ordered by emailing a prescription. It also brings over-the-counter medications to customers’ homes. is another famous and well-known Pakistani firm. It’s a piece of software that assists people in finding the greatest real estate markets.

Imran Ali Khan and Zeeshan Ali Khan launched It all began in Lahore in 2006. The following are the industrial services offered by

  • Internet portals
  • Property administration
  • Property investment

Around 1001 to 5000 employees work on This startup received funding from four investors. It has gone through five rounds of fundraising. has a total funding amount of roughly $31,100,000. The programme uses tools to follow Zameen.

  • Calculator for home loans
  • Pages of land records
  • Area Guides Area Unit Converter is another of Pakistan’s top and most successful startups currently operating in the country. It is an online retailer and e-commerce store where customers can buy branded items such as clothing, footwear, apparel, accessories, jewellery, cosmetics, and more.

Daraz. Ahmed Khan, Farees Shah, Muneeb Maayar, and Muhamad Ahsan Raza formed Pakistan. In Karachi, it began in 2012. Fashion, e-commerce, and shopping are among the industrial services provided by this firm. There are also delivery services available. Ordered items are delivered right to your door.


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