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Now WhatsApp Users Can Watch Videos Without Downloading



WhatsApp not only connects people by text messages but also allows calls, transfer of data and pictures. It also lets you send videos. This way people can stay in touch in a better way.

To improve your experience of the app, WhatsApp introduced a new feature. Now it allows you to watch videos sent without downloading them.

Previously the progress of the app was not fast. It was not working on updating the app lately we have seen some progress. WhatsApp recently announced and launched video calling service; with it you can make live calls.

Now you don’t need to download the video first, than wait for it being saved to watch it. Sometime after going through the procedure it happens that the video is already saved in your mobile, is not interesting or is lame but you just used your data for a long video. To solve this, video can now be streamed as it being downloaded, it’s just like YouTube streaming.

Just as said by Mumbai based Chaitanya Tapase told Mashable India, “Now I don’t have to wait even a minute to know the video was lame and idiotic. It’s a great feature.”

It is recently available for all android users of WhatsApp. The other people will get the feature soon.

It will be easy for all users to save important videos and let the others go. It will save time, data and definitely it will increase number of users. The development in WhatsApp features is appreciable.

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