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Microsoft Edge has Almost Replaced Apple’s Safari As the Most Used Desktop Browser After Chrome


When Microsoft Edge was introduced as the new default browser for Windows in 2015, it had a difficult challenge ahead of it. Edge needs to make any kind of impact in Google Chrome’s dominance.

Although Chrome remains the most popular desktop web browser, Microsoft Edge appears to have overtaken Chrome as the second most popular.

This is a significant victory for Microsoft, but it is only the beginning of a long journey. It’s worth recalling that Microsoft formerly dominated the browser market with Internet Explorer for decades. Allowing that browser to stagnate, on the other hand, meant that Windows 10 needed a new browser.

Edge was born, although he had several developmental problems early on, including poor performance and blurry vision. While the vision isn’t great — Microsoft is still dumping everything but the kitchen sink at Edge – it’s a capable browser these days.

Edge has now surpassed Apple’s Safari as the second most used desktop browser, according to Statcounter. Edge took 9.65 percent of the market share in March 2022, up 0.05 percent.

Safari fell to third place with 9.56 percent, a -0.21 percent loss. Of course, the race is still close enough that Safari could reclaim second place in the coming months. However, there is certainly a longer-term shift on the way, with Edge expanding beyond Safari.

By the way, while Microsoft Edge may eat into Google Chrome’s market share, don’t expect it to overtake Chrome anytime soon. Chrome grabbed 67.29% of the market in March:

67.29 percent use Google Chrome
9.65 percent of people use Microsoft Edge.
9.56 percent of people use Apple Safari.
7.57 percent use Mozilla Firefox
2.81 percent of the total

So, what happens if desktop and mobile users are combined? Given Apple’s position with the iPhone, the situation does change in Safari’s advantage. Despite this, Edge is the third most popular browser on both mobile and desktop, thanks to its cross-platform availability:

Google Chrome has a 64.53 percent (+1.75) market share.
Apple Safari has an 18.84 percent market share (-0.46)
Microsoft Edge has a 4.05 percent market share (-0.01)
Mozilla Firefox has a 3.4 percent market share (-0.81)
2.82 percent (+0.05) for Samsung Internet

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