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Android Apps Will Now Work Directly on Windows

Android Apps Will Now Work

Windows 11 has been officially released, and one of its highlights is its compatibility with Android applications.With Windows 11, you will be able to run most Android applications directly through the operating system.

 You can start using Android apps by installing the Amazon App Store provided by the Windows Store. Then, you can download any Android application on your Windows 11 PC and run it directly.

 This is where Intel Bridge Technology comes in, it converts non-x86 applications to run on the Windows architecture.

However, it is not clear whether Intel’s post-run compiler is also applicable to other platforms, but the company has just clarified this matter in a new announcement. In a statement provided to The Verge, Intel announced that its bridging technology will work on all x86 platforms, including AMD hardware.

This means that Windows 11 will be able to run Android applications, regardless of whether it uses an Intel Core processor or any AMD Ryzen CPU.

Although please keep in mind that Windows 11 can only run on 8th generation Intel processors and newer and AMD Ryzen 2000 series and higher.

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