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Federal, Punjab Govts to Fund Tech University in Sialkot

Fund Tech University in Sialkot

The federal and Punjab government decided to jointly establish the University of Applied Engineering and Emerging Technologies (UAEET) in Sialkot to provide the necessary funds for its construction.

The total cost of the project is estimated to be 16.8 billion Pakistani rupees. At the same time, it is free of cost. The Punjab government has provided 500 acres of land for it.

The governments of the two countries will now contribute half of the project planned to be completed in 2027. The university was created in cooperation with technical universities in Austria and China.

According to the official statement, the university will offer at least five major bachelor and master programs, including industrial engineering, manufacturing and mechatronics, chemical and materials engineering, information technology, artificial intelligence, agricultural engineering/industrial biotechnology, and business management and entrepreneurship And information.

The Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) stated that UAET will also offer dual degrees to its graduates. In the initial stage, a total of 150 acres of land will be used to develop the campus on it, and then the entire 500 acres will be converted.

In the City of Knowledge, there are also science and technology parks. In addition to a total of five academic districts and an administrative district with a central library and three shelters (one girl, two boys), this technology park will have start-up business incubators, small and medium-sized enterprises shell units, and large company plots.

For teachers, family suites, activity centers, guest houses, mosques, schools, sports centers, and other related facilities furnished for foreign teachers will be part of the project.

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