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Google Maps is Making Road Travel Easier with New Updates

Google Maps is making Road Travel Easier with New Updates

Google Maps is getting a few new features, including the ability to see toll prices before you start travelling to your destination. “We consider things like the cost of a toll pass or other payment options, the day of the week, and how much the toll is likely to cost at the particular moment you’ll be crossing it,” Google wrote in a blog post.

If a toll-free route is available, it will also be displayed as an option. This month, the service will be available on Android and iOS for “almost 2,000” toll roads in the United States, India, Indonesia, and Japan. More countries will get the feature “soon. “Google’s navigation maps are likewise getting more detailed.

“Along your trip, you’ll quickly see traffic lights and stop signs, as well as augmented details like building outlines and points of interest,” the business claims. There will be extra detail such as “the shape and breadth of a road, including medians and islands” in “chosen cities.” These updated maps will be available for Android, Android Auto, iOS, and Apple’s CarPlay software in the “coming weeks.”

Users of Google Maps on Apple devices are also getting some targeted improvements. A new widget for the iOS app will be available in the coming weeks that allows you to access journeys pinned to the Go tab.

You can also use the Google Maps Apple Watch software to receive directions to any of your Google Maps shortcuts, such as Home and Work, by simply tapping the shortcut on your wrist. (Previously, the travels had to be started through the iOS app.) This feature will be available in “a few weeks.”

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