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Savyour launched in-Store Feature and Google Chrome Extension

 Savyour launched in-Store Feature and Google Chrome Extension


Savyour, Pakistan’s first pay-per-sale affiliate marketing network and incentives platform, has expanded its scope beyond e-commerce to include the country’s entire retail sector. Simultaneously, they’ve released a Google Chrome Extension to give users even more convenience when buying online.

The newly released in-store feature allows users to earn additional cashback on top of purchases made at Savyour’s partner brands’ physical locations. Users just check-in via the app at a partner brand’s location and upload a scanned copy of their receipt to receive rewards. Because the cashback is placed to the in-app wallet and can be redeemed for cash in any bank account or mobile wallet, customers can utilize it anyway they like. This function is available for all payment methods, and the cashback bonus is in addition to any ongoing promotions or discounts.

The launch of our in-store functionality demonstrates our dedication to changing the way Pakistani consumers purchase. At Savyour, we strive to improve our users’ purchasing experiences, and one method to do so is to reward them with cash. This incentive increases revenue per client for organizations of all sizes by building brand loyalty in a simple but efficient method. Our basic aim remains to set new benchmarks for user experience in all of their transactions as we continue to build our client base across the country in various categories.” Savyour’s CEO and Co-Founder, Umair Gadit, stated.

For this sector, the portal has already worked with over 40 companies across five categories. This feature is now available in Karachi, with plans to expand to Islamabad and Lahore in the near future. Savyour users will be able to automatically activate cashback once they log onto a partner brand’s website and place an order using the Google Chrome Extension.

Savyour, which was founded in August 2020, is the country’s first and largest rewards programme, which is also available as a mobile app and a website.

The platform has now onboarded over 300 brands and grown its footprint to 58 cities. Savyour’s expansion plans for this year include the addition of new categories to provide customers with more options, enhancing the overall purchasing experience in Pakistan and benefiting a larger community of consumers.

Savyour is currently connected with a number of prominent Pakistani businesses in the Food, Fashion, Beauty & Personal Care, Grocery, and Electronics sectors, allowing you to earn thousands of rupees in cashback on every order you place via Savyour.

In a nutshell, the e-commerce is booming and with different features coming around, competitors would be slowly looking to implement new methods to gain more traction and more value. However, regardless of the numerous e-commerce startups the main concern is the sustainability and how much impact would all these startups bring in the next 10 years.

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